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I have been thinking about this for some time. The whole notion of having a good affiliate marketing strategy is to satisfy the requirements that you must meet to get to the front page in the serps.  You can bet that the owners of page 1 sites for major keywords have a strategy. Some of them are right down the line with the Google guidelines and some are a little gray and others are blatantly well…interesting.

I saw an article the other day for the keyword of a popular weight loss product sitting on the top of page one. It was an Ezines Article, when I clicked, I was treated to the most illegible piece of English language that I have ever read. At the bottom of course was an affiliate link to the affiliate site, really that was the only readable piece of the verbiage on the page.  I clicked on my trusty SEO-Quake bar just to get a few statistics guess what? 9650 back-links pointing at this article, I guess it is not who you know.

So what are some of the insatiable demands that we must meet with our affiliate marketing strategies.  Google stresses content as being their prime qualifier, does your site provide good quality unique content.  Apparently, the  shoe fell just this week on some, maybe several hundred sites, which had a strategy of using scraped content and re-publishing it on their sites to get high page views for ad-sense income. Maybe that was not such a good plan. 3:30pm CST. It’s as if the switch was turned off again, ” he said. And another webmaster said the same thing,  “We have lost 40-60% traffic in several sites, all same time yesterday. Very frustrating and to see server idle now.” This is not to say that you can’t add an occasional article written by someone else,  just be sure to give proper attribution and leave the link to the original.

Hat tip to:  http://www.seroundtable.com/google-content-spam-12845.html

Articles that you submit are a great source of back-links, if you use a submission service they can travel far and wide to a number of places that you would normally never think about. We are told that it is “bad” to have duplicate content roaming around the internet.  If you read the Google guidelines for this they are mostly concerned with the same site showing content as  (http)://(xyz).com vs. (http://www).(xyz).com .  However, the bottom line is that you don’t want the same content used over and over in identical terms.  (Market Samarai has a neat little feature that will show you the number of times the same article appears all over the net)

This leads us to the grey area of article spinning.  With the way that Google ranks web-sites it is obvious that one of the biggies is the MOB or measure of back-links.  One Article spinning is like a Meat Grinder of the many suggested ways is to take an article and re-write it by changing out words with synonymous words.  Some go even further and combine whole sentence re-writes to form 50 to 100 “different” articles that can be submitted to other blogs and article repositories. Does this work as a strategy; some SEO Guru’s will tell you yes.

There are several places you can look on the net to determine the degree of uniqueness. Try http://copyscape.com you can check any kind of content for unique status.(also good for finding out if your articles have been copied)  There is a tremendous amount of this already out there and much more being contributed daily.  Should you participate?  Well maybe; a re-write on the sentence level is really a re-write, but when there are 100 copies of that mix floating around I don’t think so.  Google wants content and many marketers are giving it to them, but I wonder how long it will be until another shoe falls.

A good strategy is to use as much original writing as you possibly can.  Borrow the ideas from others if you need them, but improve them in your own words. PLR can be a good source for ideas, but it really should be totally re-written.  There are two major affiliate marketing strategies that you can take from this.  In as much as possible try create original content, and two for your marketing efforts do not depend exclusively on traffic from one source (Google) only.  In the coming months and years the algorithms will continue to change and those with little original content will get hurt.

“The net effect is that searchers are more likely to see the sites that wrote the original content rather than a site that scraped or copied the original site’s content.” ( Matt Cutts Quote)

For an interesting conversation on this subject look at this from the warrior forum.


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