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It Is Where and How Often You Say It

article marketing

500 Megabite Hard Drive (1957?)

PS3 HDD Upgrade - Swapping Disks

500 Megabite Drive (2007)

Seagate´s world´s thinnest (9 mm) portable hard drive. Coming first half of this year.

Portable 500 Gigabite Hard Drive (2011)

(Insert Clever Article Here)

Oops, we are live, I was getting all excited playing with the graphics and I forgot that the camera was rolling, I hope you don’t mind.  Let’s see,  where were we?  Ah yes we were talking about Article marketing.  One of the best ways to let Google and the other search engines know where you are is through the use of article marketing.

You tell your story on your website, and maybe it is indexed by the search engines as their spiders (computer robots) find it.  To get the message to a broader audience you tell the story again in another (or the same) article which you submit to an article warehouse like Ezine Articles, Go Articles or any of the thousands of others out there.

Everything that gets said anywhere on the internet is indexed, such that if you say it exactly the same way some service like Copyscape will know if it is originally said by you or by someone else.  (How is that for a confusing sentence?) Here is what I mean.

You write an article and put it on your blog.  You then submit that article to Ezine Articles.  They will accept only original articles, so they run your article through Copyscape to verify that your article has not been published anywhere else.  For site popularity sake this earns  a back-link to your site from a high page rank site (PR6).  With a catchy title and great content it will also earn traffic back to your site from readers who want to know more.

Now, if you want more than one back-link to your site so you need to submit that information to other sites for more popularity, and greater readership.  Do you use the same article?  Well you can (and many do!) but the general advise is to re-write the article using different words and submit different versions to the other article directories.

To do this you may manually re-write the article or you may be tempted to use a synonym spinner and produce many copies of the same article with varied adjectives and nouns which convey the same meaning without saying it in the same words.  Some of the “spun” versions of articles are pretty good, as long as the tense and nuance of the sentence is preserved.  On the other hand we have both encountered examples of spun content where that is not the case.  Do you use them?  Your call; my attempts at spinning took as much time as writing a whole new article so I’d rather do re-writes.

The bottom line is that the amount of raw information on the internet is increasing dramatically.  A lot of this information is subtle re-writes of an original idea repeated in slightly different words.  On the SEO side of the equation you may write an article for your article marketing efforts, submit it to a directory.  Then social bookmark it in 40 places, then put it on feeder sites and web 2.o properties (Blogger, WordPress.com, Squidoo, Hub-Pages, Wiki-spaces, Zimbio etc.).  Then make a video about it, or two or three.

All the while you are hoping that the article will be good enough to go viral and be picked up and repeated by other blogs and news sources.  I will have more to say about this in my next post where I explore a new program for expanding your article influence called “The Traffic Dashboard”.

The pictures illustrate the information explosion and our need to capture it.  I have come a long way from my small stack of 5.25″ floppy disks to a nearly full 500 gigabite hard drive.  Most of what is there is not new, it is just said in different ways, many, many times over.  Bet yours is too!

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