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The article below is over 2 years old, the facts of the article remain true even today.   The netreporter website is an exclusive site that only hosts 1000 members.  Periodically the membership drops and jim will re-open the doors to allow new members access.  This site is not inexpensive,  it will cost you  a bit of money on a monthly basis to be a member.  The other side of the coin is that there is not a question about internet marketing that has gone unanswered.  Inside the doors to this website is a huge library of video and Pdf knowledge of every aspect of internet marketing.  Jim reveals all the nuances to building a successful business, from product creation through the software that is useful for maintaining it.   He even has some of his own exclusive software for his members to help with productivity and other things we are not allowed to divulge.   The site also hosts at least 2 usually more webinars a months which are all archived containing over a thousand hours of teaching and interviews of several other experts in the IM world.  This site is definitely worth book marking and waiting for the opportunity to join.

Discover How to Create Your Own Unique Business WITHOUT Having to Invent Your Own Product

Jim Edwards began his online career in 1998 and struggled for many years until he figured out a marketing system that would enable him to market his product effectively.  That system was the development of what he termed the “Mini-site”.  Prior to that he had been marketing his product through the standard method of building a high content website and hoping that his visitors would appreciate his content and buy his product.  In 2002 he changed his strategy and put up a one page site with a simple well written sales page.  Using clickbank marketing as his processor to deliver the product.  In a matter of weeks after making this change the sales took off and even today that first product sells extremely well.

With the strategy he developed, he began to market several products and created joint venture products with many noted internet marketers.  Dr. Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver and Rosalind Gardner are among just a few of his joint venture partners.  More recently Jim created the web’s premier membership site called the “NetReporter” in which he makes available all the cutting edge techniques he has used in the past and the new ones he is developing for the future.  On this website he makes available tons of material on all aspects of internet marketing.

What does Jim teach?

Jim is one that many call “The Net Reporter” which is one of the most interesting marketing gurus online today. He has several multi million dollar internet businesses. He will teach you how to navigate through several affiliate programs that are “junk” and will show you where you need to go in order to create that stream of income. He has been working online since 1997, which has given him the marketing edge if you are a newbie. Look at his programs and you can start your success.

What did Jim do before becoming a marketer?

Jim Edwards was a mortgage broker which he gave it all up and decided to launch a business of his own. His venture into the business world did not go the way he wished it would, but did teach him that he must follow up on different programs. He found himself out of a home, broke, and searching for that profitable business online.

What does Jim do now?

Jim Edwards now writes what is called “The Net Reporter” which is a syndicated or RSS feed newspaper column that is helping the “non-technical” people use the Internet for both fun and high profits. Jim frequently speaks at national conferences and seminars on such subjects as search engines, SEO, and traffic generation which he calls “shoestring online marketing”. He writes e-books, does audio and tele seminars, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click marketing, article marketing, and does money making surveys.

In conclusion Jim Edwards is a great internet marketer that learned how to do business the hard way. He ventured out into the offline business realm and failed which caused him to loose his home and then he decided to take his try at internet marketing and became one of the most successful marketers today. Marketing techniques change each and every day, so look around and find out what works for you and master that then go to the next program or strategy.

Author: John Fagan Jr.

Jim Edwards The Net Reporter (TNR) Online Marketing Tools You Need

Learn How You Can Create Truly Autopilot Businesses FAST Selling Other People’s Products as Affiliates

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