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Ah, the lure of internet marketing. From the first “Make Money Online” advertisement that you see to the multiple get rich quick schemes that litter the information super-highway.  Every where you turn you are exposed to that siren song.  Some people are more sales resistant than others, but even they are subject to investing in at least one fleecing project to learn that there are a number of people out there who will be glad to take your money while producing little or no value in return.  But; “Oh the packaging was so pretty.”

Whether it is eBay or some other affiliate program, it does not take to long to figure out that any endeavor you wish to attempt is going to require a fair amount of knowledge and a lot of work.  The challenge  is to find the sources to teach you the fundamentals  and then to apply those into a system of operation that will earn you a steady income.  There are so many mentor’s who claim to have the best system for getting you into the high dollar category provided of course that you pay them a hefty fee up front.

There are so many things that you need to know in so many aspects.  Website design, graphics, hosting, ftp, backend code, data-bases, blog formats or static html sites are just a few of the mechanics.  The you will want a sales model and of course a product to promote.  Throw in “niche” and keyword research, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising or bum marketing and you have a formula for a lot of study and learning.

This can and unfortunately does lead to what is called “analysis paralysis.”    Running around trying to learn everything that has to be learned, spending hours a day pursuing multiple projects and having nothing in terms of progress to show for it at the end of the day.  To some degree this has affected a number of people who are beginning their marketing careers.  I count myself among that crowd, it is so easy to spend a day checking my email or stats for my blogs, bantering on Twitter or Facebook, write half an article, stop and do some keyword research, spend an hour on a forum, and call the whole day “STUDY”

It took a while to find it, but I have recently come across an eBook which will cure that condition.  Dennis Becker wrote a book a few years back that hits the nail square on the head.   This book will not tell you how to do any of the mechanical parts of your business.  It will not tell you which niche markets to investigate for maximum profit.  It makes no recommendation of one product delivery system over another.  It will show you how to take your current internet business ideas and apply them for maximum profitability.

Dennis shows you how he applied the strategies he developed in his book 5 Bucks A Day to move from a few cents a day to a consistent income of several hundred a day.  The book lead to the formation of the best private membership forum Earn1KaDay Insiders Club on the internet where you get an opportunity to learn from the most savvy marketers on the internet.  Many of the current members have used this same strategy to duplicate his efforts and have marketing days of over a $1000 themselves.

You can easily read this book in one sitting, and when you do you will have a strategy that will last you a lifetime.   Dennis has recently re-packaged the book  with two great webinar teaching videos. He is also including some innovative productivity software which will help you to apply the lessons you learn even more effectively.

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels to earn more or even some money through your internet business, you owe it to yourself to look at this package. Dennis is practically giving it away with its current price, but I am sure it will not be that low for long.  I bought it; I am applying it, I can confidently say it will get you where you want to go.    5-Bucks-a-day-System

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