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Are You Using PAWS In your Marketing Efforts?

Article marketing or “Bum Marketing” as it is sometimes called, is the mainstay of affiliate marketing.  It is the source of most of the linking that you will bring to your website.  By submitting  quality articles to EzineArticles and the myriad of other article sites you can easily build links and traffic.  Of course there are other methods of establishing back-links, but article marketing is one the easiest ways.  If they are good they may be picked up and syndicated on other blogs. Unlike bookmarking, once articles are published they will continue to be read and draw traffic for years to come.

As a marketer of course your job is write persuasively on your topic without hitting your readers over the head with a nerf bat.  This is a form of writing that is not taught in your standard high school or even college English class.  In fact most of us have never been exposed to it until we setup our blog/site and start to write.  Why is it so radically different?

People are searching the internet for information, your job is to give it to them.  You are aided in this process by Google and the other search engines.


The engines look at your content and categorize by the keywords it contains.  Combined with  other elements of SEO your article  will rank well and gain readers depending on where it gets placed in the rankings.  Your job is to build your article around the keywords that people are searching.  Okay, so that is the boring science part, now what about the art?

There is a writer on one of the forums that I frequent, who has a little phrase in her signature; “writes many things that snap, crackle and pop…”  That play on words from the old Rice Krispies commercial is a great description.   This is the part where most beginning internet authors fall down.  I admit to being one of them, it is not always easy to write in a manner that is both convincing and not overtly salesy.  The art of copy writing takes lots of practice and many hours of reading to begin to find your own style.

“The number one rule of advertising, or selling something to
someone is to figure out how to join the conversation the prospect is already
having in their own head.”
David Bocock (Persuasive Article Writing Secrets)

Your task as a marketer is to find a way to enter that conversation and offer a solution to whatever problem your reader might be facing.  There are two things that you need to show in your writing that will help you to accomplish this.  The first is knowledge of your product, the second is authenticity.

“People do not care how much you know, until they  know how much you care.”

Demonstrating how your solution will answer the universal question of “What is in it for me?” is of course the critical part.

The style you use can be as simple as stating the problem in the title and using bullet points to solve it.  You can tell a story to get the reader involved in the emotions of the narrator.

Using trigger phrases like “what if” and “how to” can get the readers attention. Curiosity can be developed by asking a rhetorical question and finishing the article with the answer.  The benefits of your solution should always be clearly stated.  ” Sell the sizzle and not the steak.” Long lists of features are boring so avoid them.

In all cases you should insure that your article delivers on the promises you make in the title.  P.A.W.S. is short for Persuasive Article Writing Secrets. It is a narrated story of a young man who is taught the illusive art of copy writing.  In story form this book describes all the methods you need to take your writing to the next level.

Whether it is reviewing, reporting, critiquing or telling a narrative story, this book covers them thoroughly.  If your style of learning is by hearing, the 174 page book comes with a complete set of .mp3′s and an easy reference guide that re-states all the critical points.  I like to use my commute time for that; to reinforce my reading.

Words; spoken or written can be incredibly powerful. Here is  a quote from short report that I read just last night. It was written by Blair Warren in 2005 as an introduction to his $2000 writing course.

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

Whether you agree with the statement or not, you will see these powerful memes being used in sales letters, name capture pages and articles in one form or another all over the internet.  Learning how to craft your words with article marketing to promote your site or your product is the most important skill you can put in your arsenal.  Check out David’s book.

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