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Who else want to have a few websites that make sales for them on autopilot? Marketing your own product and keeping 100% of the profits. We are often told that the key to successful internet marketing is to find a small niche market and develop and sell a product to that niche. The bane of internet marketing is of course finding that little known niche and getting your product into it before everyone else does the same. Several niche markets are now full of marketers and products and the prospects seem dim to the novice marketer as he/she enters the realm of marketing on the internet. Finding an untouched or under-served market can be a daunting task. A new product has recently come out which solves this mystery and enables the users to quickly identify and develop useful products to serve that market.

The product is the Niche Profit Classroom. This program by Adam Short and Alen Sultanic is a complete course in internet niche marketing designed to teach the members how to build a “Silent Sales Machine” Web 2.0 website, build your own product and effectively market it a matter of 30 days. The course consists of 14 proprietary modules covering everything you need to know to research and develop your site and then promote it through articles and your silent partner the email auto-responder.

When it first launched there were over 160 video’s which explained every aspect in detail as you look over Adam’s shoulder and watch as he covers all the bases. This simple system is a thorough exploration of all the necessary tools for a successful money creating website. It includes templates for your site, methods for identifying your niche, a phenomenal keyword research tool, market profiler and even a sales letter wizard.

The money word matrix tool makes the course extremely valuable by identifying the exact keywords to target. These are not the same words being chased by PPC marketers and they are not the low end long tail words of the “Bum” marketer’s either. You can instantly know if your niche is going to be profitable and worth pursuing.

The template melds the power of a wordpress blog with the simple features of html and exact graphics placement, giving you the best of both worlds without having to know extensive amounts of code. Every aspect of setting it up is completely explained in the video tutorials

In addition to these features, the Niche Profit Class includes bimonthly Mastermind Webinars which explore other aspects of internet marketing. These webinars also allow the members to ask personal questions and get online critiques of their sites. A forum staffed by successful marketers is also available for the members to share their experiences and answer other members questions. Membership also includes hosting for up to 15 of your newly created websites.

Adam and Alen are successfully marketing products in several niches that have nothing to do with the internet marketing niche. They are thorough with their teaching, covering every detail of setting up your site, telling you not only the what to do but also how to do it and why it is important. This gives you an edge in your market which enables you to eventually achieve top ranking in Google for your site in several keywords which guarantees traffic and sales.

Setting up a few of these niche websites in the next few months could add a much needed buffer to you income picture in the next 6 months. If you are looking for an overnight success program then this program is not for you. However, if you are passionate about improving your fortune by building websites with long term profitability, this course is for you.

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